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image consultancy
There's no getting away from it, when you look good, you feel good.
Confidence shoots up and dealing with people and situations becomes easier...
And with more positive outcomes.

But for intelligent women, a consistent Look Good, Feel Good Factor is not about a designer handbag, the latest hot lipstick shade or a pricey wrinkle cream. It's far more complex, and more difficult to accomplish.

At Positive Presence we identifiy and make the very best of what there is. And we don't dwell on what there isn't.
We know it's difficult to be objective about yourself and to differentiate from all the 'salesy' hype out there. And so we help you determine what is absolutely right for you whilst ensuring that it is always appropriate, affordable and attainable.
And finally, we make sure you can maintain it too....
... so that every day is a Look Good, Feel Good day.

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