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At Positive Presence we deal with as many men as women...
Like it or not, want it or not, you have no choice.
Others undoubtedly have an image of you ... as you have of them.
Perception affects all interaction with others, and ultimately affects your relationships too.
You need to have a positive image.
We first audit your image, then provide as much - or as little - advice and practical help as you want, but always delivered with integrity, sensitivity & discretion.
As well as helping with communications, networking, confidence, impact, and relationships, Positive Presence has appearance services especially for men.
  • Euro-savvy dressing
  • Shopping, upgrading, updating or specific occasion.
  • Demystifying 'smart casual'
  • Capsule wardrobe for travelling
  • Wardrobe evaluation, organisation & maintenance
  • Hair re-style and maintenance
  • 'perfect' skin and successful shaving
  • Specialist Optical advice, lenses and glasses
  • De-clutter wardrobes, bedrooms (even complete homes)
  • The man's makeover
Whatever your objective, you will achieve it in the most time and cost efficient way - and enjoy it too.
Yes, really!

what men say...

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There is no point being present unless you're positively present
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