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image consultancy
a personal APPROACH
To us, you are the person you are...
We don't see people in terms of strengths and weaknesses. After all, what is seen as a strength in one environment could well be judged a weakness in another... and vice versa.

YOU are a unique combination...
You are the sum of your physical being, your personal philosophy and beliefs, your attitudes and values, your character, personality, background, experiences, achievements, talents, knowledge and skills... and your hopes and aspirations.

Never seeking to change people...
We bring out what is there already and then make the very best of it. And best is always that which is personally appropriate, authentic and contextual to your life.

We work in partnership with you, for you...
We address your particular challenges in the way that's right for you.

With help from Positive Presence where and when it is needed, you will get the most from people, from situations and from life in general.

Men and women are different - thank goodness!
With our years of experience, we specialise in both.
Postive Presence brings out what is already there... and then makes the very best of it
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