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"Positive Presence has worked with a number of my client teams, supporting Director and Partner candidates preparing for significant career milestones... I am very pleased to report a 100% success rate to date."
Robert Bryant, Partner - Deloitte

"As a team building excercise it was highly productive - the team is stronger, more unified with a more developed 'camaraderie'. Their appearance and manner is definitely more professional and polished and all felt that it was a positive development experience - they are certainly a more confident team. Overall, a very good experience and valuable use of my team's time."
Dave Osborn, VP, Trading Partner Operations - GlaxoSmithKline

"Having worked with them personally, I was keen for my team to obtain a similar experience. Despite initial scepticism, every member was won around and it is encouraging to see the enthusiasm they all now have - and the clear impact that is resulting."
David Anderson, Head of US Content Mgt - Thompson Reuters

"The engagement was tailored very sensitively and constructively to the individual concerned. A very professional service that I would be happy to recommend to others."
Daragh Fagan, General Counsel EMEA Markets Division - Thompson Reuters

 ".. It has made a significant difference to the way I operate, increased my confidence and noticeably changed my working relationships with senior management clients. I would happily recommend the Positive Presence experience to anyone!"
Tim Pitts, Senior Mgr - Deloitte

"Positive Presence helped me understand my personal impact which was the first step towards me then improving it with their help. A valuable learning experience for me."
John Clarke, MD - Barclays Finance.

"The changes in me have been positively noted from the Chairman of the Group downwards ... they had a most significant part to play in a recent promotion (and pay rise!), together with the Main Board approval of my business plan for a (seriously expensive!) new venture."
Sarah Moynihan, Group Financial Controller - Marshall Holdings (Cambridge)

"... I highly recommend Laurel and Positive Presence to anyone who is serious about making a positive impact."
Steven D'Souza, HR - Merrill Lynch

"Probably the best thing I have ever done during my career to date. I have no hesitation in recommending Positive Presence to anyone as this is a real asset to have."
Arif Kamal, Group Finance Director - G.L. Hearn


"I found Positive Presence to be extremely professional and keen to respond to my firm's specific needs. We have received excellent feedback and will definitely be working with Positive Presence again in future."
Amanda Dulieu, Managing Director - Credit Suisse
We found it thought-provoking and, like the accompanying book, full of practical tips to help people gauge and improve their personal impact."
Juliet Brilliant - Network Rail (London Business School Alumni Network)

"The session made an excellent difference to the others at the Conference and was very well received by all who attended. Thank you for such a wonderful presentation."
Doreen Baker, Audit Policy & Advice Team - HM Treasury
"The response to your session was overwhelmingly positive... a thorough, informative session and we will undoubtly invite you again.
Philana Quick, Asst CLO - US Embassy, London

"An excellent event… Laurel showed a natural empathy with her audience with a style of presenting that was fully inclusive to all participants whether they be introverts or extroverts. A very valuable session with lots of relevant hints and tips."
Debs Eden, (Executive PA Magazine PA of the Year) PwC

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