the intelligent
image consultancy
for Business
Whatever the size of your organisation, each corporate image component must be perceived positively, and all as congruent, in order to sendout one powerful, positive message.
Gaining this competitive edge then encourages sales, investment, employee recruitment and retention.

HUMAN IMPACT OPTIMISATION - for the people within, as teams, groups or as individuals.


ORGANISATION IMPACT OPTIMISATION - for the organisation overall.

A unique programme well-suited to SME's and professional service providers. It brings a professional, new-thinking approach to researching, assessing and maximising the organisation's image, impact and influence with all stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, services providers, recruiters, etc.) download pdf
Audits your Human Impact Capital
Assesses all components contributing to the overall perception of your brand
(meet'n'greet, reception, cloakrooms, literature, telephony, web presence, equipment, etc.)
Researches opinion anonymously from a range of stakeholders
Creates strategy to optimise your organisation's Impact through each component that influences opinion
Manages the changes (if required)
Monitors and Reviews the results
There's no point being present... unless you're positively present

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