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Raising personal and professional profile, reputation and influence
Developing Ambassadors, Rainmakers and Connectors
Networking with Integrity - and with a Positive Presence
Initiating new relationships
Maximising existing relationships

People buy people rather than organisations and successful business is driven by successful, symbiotic relationships.
Considering relationships is an integral part of Impact Optimisation because others' perception of you affects all interaction - and ultimately your relationship too. But in-depth Relationship Optimisation can be provided as a separate topic when Relationships are not being 'naturally' maximised.

Whilst initiating and developing relationships is second nature for some, others find it difficult or resist the idea of being a 'salesperson'. A hands-on people consultancy, our experience and expertise provide a 'comfortable', authentic approach to intelligent Business Development and Optimisation.
people buy people rather than organisations
successful business is driven by successful relationships
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