the intelligent
image consultancy
'YOU are your own best Business Card'
as you walk through the door, it is YOU who wins
the deal, the job - or whatever else is at stake

The unique Positive Presence content always follows the logical sequence whilst the emphasis, interaction, depth of detail, tone and style are all customised to the audience and the objective.

Delivery can be to any size group and range from a keynote to a roundtable discussion for senior execs; from a seminar, workshop or masterclass to an in-depth 5-day development programme.


WHY, Your Image is their perception of you, not yours

Self perception v others perception

Personal Impact is... and is not…

Your Personal Impact factor (self evaluation)

Your Impact level is a decision made by others - when, why, how

Addressing existing relationships that need improving

Moving forward - making others make a positive impact decision about you

HOW - Making a positive First Impression within a range of first encounters

Invisible Image - email

Invisible image - phone/teleconferencing

Meetings and video conferencing

Presenting to audiences

Networking and Business-social

There's little point being present ... unless you're positively present
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