the intelligent
image consultancy
for Business
'YOU are your own best Business Card'
as you walk through the door, it is YOU who wins
the deal, the job - or whatever else is at stake

To help organisations maximise their Human IMPACT Capital, Positive Presence developed image consultancy to a new level, Impact Optimisation. This unique, three-faceted approach to Perception Management enhances and compatibly integrates every aspect of how people look, sound and act to give them a professional Positive Presence. It can also be combined with Relationship Optimisation.
Appropriate for Board members, top and mid-level executives seen to be 'on their way', it is extensively used in management or Succession development; Partner/Director track and High Potential, Leadership or Diversity projects whilst equally applicable to other initiatives or segments.
Impact Optimisation provides the intelligent approach to Image, Impact & Influence
There's little point being present... unless you're positively present
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