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What they say
'an honest professional'
'very committed'
'embodies all her own principles and walks her talk'
'able to be criticising without being threatening'
'advises constructively on sensitive issues'
'helpful and encouraging'
Laurel Herman SPEAKER etc
 "It was really all commonsense but provoked me into thinking about it differently so it worked!"
 Catriona Casey - Pfizer plc

"Laurel provides an excellent role model as a very engaging speaker".
 Jane Howard, Partner - RPC LAW LLP
"They all found it thought provoking and learnt a lot from it. In an increasingly competitive work environment the skill and insight you share are vital." 
 Diane Abbott MP - Black Women Mean Business

"The comments are still coming in... and are all complimentary."
 Hilary Smith - Uni of Southampton

"A highly professional contibution from a highly professional speaker."
Geoffrey Clark, Chair - Inst. of Internal Auditors (SE)

"The audience was inspired, informed and entertained by Laurel's knowledge, presentation style and professionalism."
Etta Cohen, Founder - Forward ladies

"I found her tone of presentation to be excellent and commanding, and was one of the highlights of the conference."
Pily Cluett, General Manager - Chef in a Box Ltd

"At the end of a hectic day of business presentations, listening to Laurel was like a breath of fresh air. It really focussed the mind."

Steve Quinlan, Managing Director - SQ Meetings & Incentive Travel

"A captivating and interesting speaker who confirmed a number of points and also made me aware of some new ground. Thank you for a fun and up-beat session!"
Paul Whitehead, Director - Quadriga Health & Safety Ltd
"This was a thought-provoking session and Laurel held our attention throughout and got the audience thinking about her very powerful messages."
Ian Smith, 

Laurel Herman EVENTS - Host etc.
"£15, 000 has just been donated by one particular individual as a result of your contribution being so enjoyed."
Antionette Pardo, Chair - Royal Marsden NHS Trust

"A polished and engaging speaker with a relaxed style and the benefit of wisdom and life experience."
Zaffrin Afsaruddin, BT

Laurel Herman OPTIMISING PEOPLE (individuals)
"It was a real boost and as I take all the steps you recommended, I feel far more confident and in control; the changes have already attracted so many compliments".
Annie Shepperd, CEO - Southwark Council
"Laurel has a unique approach. which goes beyond a mere engagement; she obviously cares very much about the clients and is dedicated to Positive Presence providing a client -tailored service with excellence." Rosemary Beaver, Head of Compliance - Lloyds of London

"Laurel is a tremendous judge of character and an expert in encouraging and enhancing the qualities of those consulting her. She has great empathy and at the same time is able to be objective."
Dorothy Pooley Head of Training - Pooleys School for Flying Instructors 
Laurel Herman OPTIMISING PEOPLE (groups)
"Your session played a great part in clarifying several relevant issues."
Gill Robinson, Head of Internal Audit - Rural Payments Agency
"It takes a person totally expert in their subject to successfully lead a session of this kind ....and you did!
Bill Halson - Chair, Progress In Management

"An intelligent and thought out presentation that I would highly recommend......."
Gina Gleeson - UBS
  "A fantastic course, well worth attending."
Laura Millard, Sales Mgr - Marriott Hotels

"shines with her personal touch, real concern and her own high impact"

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