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founder and managing director

Acknowledged as a thought-leader, an entrepreneur and an expert in every aspect of personal effectiveness, Laurel is a sought-after accomplished speaker at all types of business and lifestyle events and a regular contributor to the media. Recognised as a seasoned graduate in Life and its challenges, an image doyenne and an information resource, she is also sometimes invited to tell her own story or give advice as motivation and inspiration to others! See events.

As a family-bound but stylish young wife and mother, Laurel came up with a unique concept for selling clothes to women 'without meaning to'. Having trained as a statistician, she never had any desire to be in business. Unwittingly, Concept Shopping soon became very successful bringing with it a strong media profile for Laurel as a role model for working women and an appearance expert who walks her talk.
Recognising the importance of positive image, she equally identified a need for an 'intelligent' approach to it. Using her natural talents and years of experience combined with her innate emotional intelligence, high integrity and strong people values, she founded a landmark new business in 1994. Positive Presence immediately developed an impressive reputation as the intelligent image consultancy for intelligent people. With its intelligent approach, philosophy and process, it soon attracted many prestigious organisations as well as men and women as individuals. See our clients.

Laurel continues to be the driving force and creative influence behind both businesses with a hands-on management and delivery role. She's now looking to the future… with some exciting plans. Should you share our values, passion and integrity, have something relevant to contribute and are interested in being involved, please feel welcome to contact us.
"shines with her personal touch, real concern and her own high impact"
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